1. Treatment of hemangiomas in breastfeeding and childhood at Dermatological Clinic "EuroDermа"

Hemangiomas are the most common benign tumors in children up to 1 year old and develop in approximately 4 to 10% of those born in normal gestational age and up to 30% of preterm infants.

2. Treatment of mycoses (fungal infections of the skin and nails)

The Center for Complex Diagnosis and Treatment of Fungal Diseases is located in the Evidence Center. The clinic has specialists specializing in mycotic diseases of the skin, mucous membranes and nails.

3. Treatment of Vitiligo "Vitiligo Clinic". The first in Bulgaria and Central and Eastern Europe

Vitiligo Clinic applies the highest scientific achievements of medicine, the latest technology and the most modern treatments for Vitiligo.

4. Treatment of allergic skin diseases with specialized testing

The dermatological clinic "Eurodarma" is the specialized center for allergic skin diseases, where skin-allergic tests are conducted on patients who might have allergic contact dermatitis.